“I never understood the whole Bible until I took The Amazing Collection: The Bible Book By Book.”

Those of us at Big Dream Ministries hear that statement over and over again from women across the country. What has made the difference? For the first time, they have studied all of the books of the Bible in sequence. In the past their experience had been studying in a “jump around” fashion, but that is like trying to see a complicated puzzle by only looking at scattered pieces. Scattered pieces only lead to approximation at best and at worst a distorted view. Why? Because the Bible is a true story and the story begins in Genesis and continues to the book of Revelation. And what a story it is! If you miss the story, you miss all that God is telling us, all that He wants us to know about Him, ourselves, and how to live in obedience in a world that is growing more deceived every day.

In the past year, I have read several excellent articles by men (and women) who are sounding the alarm to American churches that their people are biblically illiterate. It has reached crisis proportions for sure. Because Christians do not know the Bible, they cannot truly know the God of the Bible. “The Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God” will lack strength for times of trials and temptation and hinder intimacy with the One who is our Helper, Savior, God and King. We are seeing the effects of this in our church family now.

We are asking God to raise up an army of those who would be well-equipped to teach the Bible sequentially.

Would you please consider joining us April 26-28, 2018 for our teacher training conference? It is our fervent prayer that we will be able to give you the tools and preparation you need to teach God’s amazing collection, book by book. It is a big dream that could make a big impact for your church and your community for all eternity!!

So won’t you dream big with us?

For more information on our website at http://www.BigDreamMinistries.org.

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  1. Good Morning! I lead a women’s bible study in Hinsdale, Il at The Chapel. We have 130 women who have studied Gods word with us over the past 20 years. A few years ago we did the study, Invisible God, Invincable Love. And they loved it. We are currently praying about committing to the Amazing collection and are interested in bringing our leadership team (approx 6 women) to your conference in June. I am asking them to pray, fast and seek God in this decision over the next 2 weeks. I have spoken with one of your representatives on the phone who was helpful in answering questions for us. I’m concerned that it will be full before we make our decision…. can you advise me… should we register 4 of us to secure our place in the conference now or do you think we can wait for 2 weeks. I’m 90% sure God is directing us this way….
    Be Blessed,
    Donna Barnholt
    Women of Hope at The Chapel- Hinsdale


    • Hello Donna,
      Committing to The Amazing Collection may seem like an eternally long Bible study with most studies covering only 6 to 12 weeks. Although TAC goes through each of the 66 books of the Bible, it is divided into 11 separate sets – averaging 6 weeks each. Although as a leadership team you plan on completing the full study, the start of the next new set is the perfect opportunity to invite others to join you.

      As a ministry, we are praying for each and every person the Lord brings to the conference. We specifically are asking for clarity in the decision, provision for the expenses, and for eager anticipation of what God is going to do through their step of faith. We know your eager seeking of the Lord will bring you the wisdom you desire.

      As far as signing up, there are some things you should know. Once you sign up and we commit your name to the conference center, it is not easy for us to issue a refund. We do have rooms now, but the hotel has told us that there are no additional rooms besides the rooms we have blocked. We are offering a no-lodging option, for those who live close or once we fill our rooms. There are plenty of other hotels in the Peachtree City area. One last thing, if you get our newsletter, you would have seen a $20 off coupon if you register by April 5th. The discount is only available if you pay by check or call our office with your credit card info.

      We will continue to pray for you as you seek the Lord. Please let us know if I can answer any questions at all. We can be reached at registration@theamazingcollection.com or 678-366-3460.

      With joy,
      Traci Martin
      Big Dream Ministries


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