Who Should Attend

Are you a student of God’s Word? Do you read Scripture and think about how you could explain it to someone else? Are you able to relate the Scriptures to daily life? If you can’t get enough of Scripture, then chances are you are called to be a Bible teacher.

We have prayed for God to raise up an army of teachers – women AND men who are equipped to teach every book of the Bible to the glory of God and the transformation of hearts through his Word. His army could be twenty or two hundred…whatever it is we will do all we can to fully equip them to illuminate God’s story for others to clearly see our amazing Lord.

Designed for Teachers of:

  • Sunday School Classes
  • Women’s Ministry Classes
  • Men’s Bible Studies
  • Bible Studies for Couples
  • Small Groups

Qualified Applicants Should:

  • Be students of the Word for their own spiritual growth
  • Feel called by God to teach His Word
  • Desire to step beyond facilitating a Bible study to actually teaching the Bible
  • Desire to have a Christ-like character as you serve Him and love others

As the culture has shifted to a faster paced world and people are juggling information from the endless streams available, knowing the Bible must be an intentional and purposeful exercise. Be a part of the army of teachers God is raising up to teach His Word. Much of the hard work has been done for you as a teacher of The Amazing Collection, so you can focus on delivering the information that will lead to transformation in your students.



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